Jan 6, 2011

We are not playing on a level field!

The Chinese move appeared to be aimed at protecting three government-controlled phone carriers — China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile — that provide the bulk of China's telephone services.

The South China Morning Post quoted an unidentified ministry official on Thursday as saying VoIP services could only be provided by the big three Chinese operators.China has been known to play hardball with foreign businesses. After a months-long stand-off over censorship, China finally gave Google approval in July to keep operating its Chinese search page.

Skype has 20 million users in Asia Pacific, or 16 percent of the company’s total users as of the end of June, according to a U.S. regulatory filing. The filing did not break out China's user numbers and a Skype spokesman in the United States said he did not know how many Chinese users it had.

No single country other than the United States represented more than 7 percent of Skype’s average monthly user, according to the filing.
Whenever we talk about the direction of our country and what is happening in the world vis-a-vis capitalism and trade we must constantly remind ourselves that China is not an open market and the Chinese play by their own set of rules. As we move forward into this new century we have to have the vision that will allow us to open up markets in China and address the glaring trade imbalance that is sucking the life out of our economy.

This is something that affects not just our economic health and well-being but also our global security. China is an increasingly dominant player and our nation needs to take the steps necessary to allow us to sell into China or barring that take the steps needed to protect our own markets – it really winds up being the only leverage we have and if our economy is going to get better it’s something that has to happen soon!

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